Monday, June 14, 2010

Zebra Bed in a Bag

The zebra bed in a bag set is one that hit the stock market by a blast. It contains your favorite black and white design with its own company logo as well. This rare treat is only available online or at select department stores around America.

This brand has been commonly known as a stock pile item. What does this mean you ask? Well, this is basically my definition of a product that meets the expectations of a consumer and prices fairly low.

I had an experience such as this a while back when I went to Macy's. They also sell this item at Amazon and Buy dot com as well. When I went there, I noticed no one buying the brand. I guess it was still too new at the time.

I picked up the set and asked for its price. To my amazement, it was over a hundred dollars. That was way too high for me to afford so I needed an alternative. That was when the red version came out and that was priced at only thirty dollars.

My point is to buy a product that is at least a month old. That is usually the time when items go on sale and merchandise is considered old fashioned or out of class. When these things mix together, they create a new sensation in the market known as surplus.

The zebra bed in a bag is a piece of merchandise that is over a month old now. Due to this advantage, it has gone on sale all over the globe. Pick up a set today before they are gone for good.

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  1. I love Zebra bedding. My favourite is the Kimlor Zebra Bed In a Bag set:

    The Pink version is not bad either!